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Commercial Transactions and Business Enterprises

The complexity and dynamism of the business world demand professional, reliable, rapid, creative, accessible and dedicated legal counsel.

Our clients are successfully engaged in all sectors of the economy and in all links of the supply chain - from production through all the stages of marketing and distribution to the end customer.

Accordingly, a central part of our practice is dedicated to providing legal services to clients in various fields of commerce, industry, services, technology (including telecommunications and media, IT, hardware and software, Internet etc.), advertising, real estate, banking, the automotive industry, plastics, tourism and travel, infrastructures, energy, agriculture etc.

We are proud of the trust that our clients have been placing in us over many years, and make any and all efforts to fulfill our role in the best possible way, in clear recognition of the burden of responsibility that we bear.

The constant and close legal support that we provide to our clients is characterized by optimal use of our professional experience and proficiency and our broad familiarity with the different aspects of the business world. This enables us to provide a comprehensive, first-class legal and business-oriented response to our clients' range of requirements. We act tirelessly to provide our clients with practical and, as necessary, creative solutions based on experience and an understanding of business needs.

In this framework, we provide legal advice to our clients and represent them in all stages and aspects of the management and development of their business: both in the routine, day-to-day aspects and normal course of work, and in shaping and implementing significant commercial transactions and engagements that go beyond their standard business.

The attorneys in our firm handle a wide range of engagements and agreements, including: sale and purchase agreements; supply, distribution and marketing agreements; service agreements; licensing agreements (including for commercial know-how, software, technologies and intellectual property of all kinds); cooperation and joint ventures; setting-up and operating projects; infrastructures and operating arrays; purchasing content and technological equipment; and more.

The agreements that we draw up for our clients and the transactions we formulate on their behalf are characterized by careful attention to comprehensible formulation, reflecting deep legal and business knowledge and understanding of the relevant subject matter. On countless occasions the provisions of agreements drafted by our attorneys have indeed proved themselves when put to test and have appropriately protected the interests of our clients. Our different legal teams work in full coordination and cooperation, and our clients benefit from the synergy between them and the contribution of our different areas of expertise to their overall legal needs.

We try to solve disputes in which our clients are involved without recourse to the courts, but when such measure is necessary - we have the experience and the tools to ensure that the outcome will be the successful and most effective for our clients.
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