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The Rural Sector (Kibbutzim, Moshavim and Cooperative Associations)

One of the firm's unique areas of expertise is advising the rural settlement sector (Kibbutzim and cooperative Moshavim). With over 15 years of incomparable experience, the firm is regarded one of the leading practices in Israel in this field.

The cooperative association - the form of association prevalent in the rural settlement sector - was absorbed into Israeli Law through the British Law (that was the governing law in the territory up until the establishment of the State of Israel).

In light of the special nature of this legal construction, which served as the basis for establishing the majority of Moshavim and Kibbutzim in Israel, it is necessary to have an in-depth familiarity both with the relevant legislation and regulation and with the unique legal and business relationship which was formed over the years between the State, the banks and the cooperative associations, as well as with the unique structure and aspects of each association.

Our firm was a pioneer in providing comprehensive legal services in this field, and over the many years we have been practicing it we have acquired vast experience and remarkable expertise in all aspects relating to the laws of cooperative associations in general and the laws relating to the rural settlement sector in particular.

The firm's attorneys specializing in these fields, in particular Adv. Liad Sider and Adv. Ram Tsiddon, have vast knowledge of this area of practice and are considered to be of Israel's leading experts.

We successfully represent dozens of Kibbutzim and Moshavim in all areas of their activity. Our counsel is focused on the commercial and corporate aspects as well as on the internal community sphere, including with regard to different aspects of membership of cooperative associations, the rights and obligations of association members and their relationship with the association.

Our firm is involved in establishing cooperative associations, drawing up their articles of association, closely accompanying their activities and providing them with ongoing counsel on a wide range of commercial, corporate and administrative matters, including representation of the kibbutzim-owned factories in a wide variety of domestic and cross-border commercial transactions and in various financial arrangements, including equity investments, private placements, debentures etc.

Our firm is also a market leader in formulating and implementing complex and ongoing measures for carrying out structural changes in Kibbutzim and handling the various derivative procedures associated therewith. This includes the incorporation of the economical activities of the Kibbutz, its reorganization and allocation between various legal entities, allocation of its assets (both manufacturing and residential) to the members and, occasionally, obtainment of third parties' investment.
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