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Banking, Finance, Corporate Recovery and Insolvency

Corporate recovery procedures and related settlement arrangements are intended to ensure payment of debts while at the same time allowing the debtor company to continue its business activities. In addition to its purely legal aspect, this field is usually characterized by the need for creative, business-oriented thinking and for a response to the business, legal and human issues arising therefrom.

Our firm has extensive knowledge and experience in handling the formulation, drawing up and authorization of creditors' settlement arrangements, restructuring, recovery plans and refinancing.

The firm has unique expertise in representing Kibbutzim, Moshavim and collective associations in connection with putting together debt arrangements and recovery plans, in and out of court, while working closely with banks, financial institutes, the Ministry of Finance and other institutional and private entities. We have one of the most highly-regarded practices in the country in this area.

This includes, inter alia, handling and consultation for the rural sector and Kibbutzim-owned industrial plants in connection with drawing up different models for structural changes, such as reorganization and allocation of economic activities to the Kibbutz's affiliated entities, and transferring the liabilities and assets from the Kibbutz to said affiliates. As part of this activity, our legal team has acquired considerable experience in coordinating reorganization measures with the banking system, creating an appropriate system of securities, formulating financial covenants for the new corporations and refinancing. Our firm also has first-hand familiarity and a relationship of trust with representatives of the special credit sector in the banking system and with the legal counsels of the banks that are active in the field.
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