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Administrative and Constitutional Law

Administrative and Constitutional Law embraces many areas of practice and secondary fields and includes, inter alia, issues pertaining to Real Estate, Tender Law, Planning and Construction Laws and Telecommunications Law.

Our skilled team is proficient in all major aspects relating to Administrative and Constitutional Law, including representation of our clients in these issues vis-à-vis the State, in both commercial transactions and litigation cases, and representation of the State and State Authorities in various projects and procedures.

Our firm has been involved in a series of structural changes carried out in different branches of the Israeli economy over the past decade, in the fields of telecommunications, the postal service, agriculture, electricity, and the Kibbutzim.

The attorneys in our firm have been involved in judicial proceedings before District Courts sitting as courts of administrative affairs, before the Supreme Court sitting as the High Court of Justice, and in quasi-judicial proceedings before tenders committees and appeals committees.

Our firm is one of the few law firms which were chosen to represent the State of Israel (the SELA Administration) in matters relating to the "Disengagement" from the Gaza strip. In this framework, our firm was responsible, inter alia, for negotiating some of the more complex compensation arrangements for former settlers in the North Samaria and Gaza Strip, and handling related procedures, which include, amongst others, handling litigation cases.

In addition, our firm currently serves as a representative of the Chief Legal Advisor for the Government of Israel in litigation cases concerning various business appeals submitted against the State.
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